Såg dessa kloka ord i dag och kan inte låta bli att dela med mig av dessa:


Some will get this….Some won’t !
“A young cowboy was working some horses in a round corral. An old cowboy came by, watched for a while and then he asked: ”Young man, would you like to know the secret of good horsemanship?”

The cowboy said he would. The old man made a fist and he said: ”If you can open my fist, you will learn the secret of good horsemanship.” The young guy poked, pried, thumped, pinched, squeezed, pushed, punched and shoved the fist. He finally said: ”I can’t get it open. What’s the secret of getting your fist open, so I can learn the secret of good horsemanship?”

The old cowboy said: ”You could have asked…”